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Why Is Social Media Important for Small Businesses?

  •     Your customers are already using it

  •     Your Competition Is Already Involved

  •     It helps you connect and form a relationship with your customers

  •     It gives you increased brand recognition and builds brand loyalty

  •     It gives you better Search Engine rankings (improves SEO)

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Why hire a social media manager?

The only thing worse than no social media presence is an outdated social media presence. You may have the best intentions when you create your social media accounts, but you’ll soon find that it’s easy to put off updates until days have passed. Not to mention, comments and customer posts that aren’t acknowledged for days, if at all. If you are honest with yourself and you know you won’t maintain it long-term, a social media manager may be the best option.

Why Gruene Acres Web Design LLC?

Gruene Acres Web Design LLC specializes in developing, implementing and administering a social media strategy for smaller companies.

What we are supplying is experience and time. Very few small business owners have the time or expertise to set up their social media and internet marketing, use it effectively and consistently much less monitor it to address concerns or comments quickly and appropriately.

What we offer:

  • Social Media development including consistent posting to generate engagement with customers; monitoring and responding to that engagement.
  • Maximizing your SEO by consistent use of keywords and by ensuring the top search engine listings are current.
  • Relevant review site monitoring and response.
  • Blog posting
  • Email marketing; designing and sending blasts, monitoring response.

We want to get to know you, learn about your business and help you take advantage of all that online marketing has to offer.

Let us connect for you!

Our Pricing

Our prices are competitive within the industry and we seek to provide you or your company with the best service possible.

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